Welcome to FlagMath

The Best Math Tutoring in Flagstaff!

flagmath math tutoring instruction private FlagMath offers private math tutoring for residents in the Flagstaff, Arizona area.

Private tutoring and Personalized Instruction is just what your student needs for success in mathematics.

Flagstaff area schools served:

  • Basis School
  • Coconino High
  • Flagstaff High
  • Summit High
  • Mt Elden Middle
  • Sinagua Middle
  • NorthLand Prep

FlagMath has-

  • Low fees ($40/hr) or $120 for four hour long sessions.
  • Low Class Cost ($30 for a three hour class.)

Take a look and see which math tutoring options we have that will serve your needs and which plan fits your budget.

Here’s what I have learned from 25+ years of tutoring mathematics:

  • Though it is sequential, some students put the lessons together differently.
  • 100% of the students who struggle in Algebra never mastered long division.
  • Board Games provide a wealth of mathematical foundation.
  • The internet mapping programs have unilaterally eliminated the formerly well known equation of Distance=Rate(Time)
  • Negative Numbers are taught in Fifth Grade –and if never mastered will haunt you for the rest of your life!
  • Your child can master the material

At FlagMath, Clare Willis can give your student the personalized attention and instruction they need to succeed and excel in math!

Contact Clare Willis at 928-235-6587 (Google voice)                                 or e-mail to flagmath@gmail.com

As soon as a student gains control of the subject, the enjoyment of learning begins!

Click here to see what classes and events we are currently offering!


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